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Is BIPB-40 subjected to the provision class 5.2 organic peroxide
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Is BIPB-40 subjected to the provision of class 5.2 organic peroxide?

There are shipping and storage regulations which apply to organic peroxides. There are  specific regulations concerning the size and type of package in which peroxides can be shipped in the United Nations (UN) system and shipment.The resulting requirements stipulate the container size, type and labeling which must be used for shipping organic peroxide products.Failure to follow the requirements could result in accidents or very substantial fines.

In some cases, diluents such as clay are added to the peroxide to lower the risk. Some organic peroxide products are manufactured to be used in elastomer curing operations. These materials thermally decompose and promote crosslinking in rubber and plastic compounds. They are predictively reactive and are very safe to use as long as they are stored and handled properly. They can represent a hazard, however, if they are stored or used improperly.
IMDG printed by International Maritime Organization shows BIPB-40 is not subjected to the provision of class 5.2 organic peroxide.IMDG CODE PAGE 75

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